Words that are used during Elections

Political Machine: An organization to elect one person.

Bosses: Leaders of a politcal machine

Grass roots: Local levels of politics.

Patronage- give government jobs to those who helped you win election.

Non Partizan:  Not of a politcial party

Stumping: Go from one area to another giving seeches

Valence issues: do not take sides

Position issues: do take sides

Canvasing: sampling an area

Plurality: win, but you do not recieve a mojority such as 40: 30: 30 in a three person race.

Franchise: right to vote

Disfranchisement: take away right to vote

Tallly: count

Absentee ballot: Ballot which is casted early, sent to voting area by mail because person is away.

Graft: any illegal action in politics.

Midterm Elections: Elections that are held midway between presidential elections.

Elections on odd number years are called off year elections.

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